How to dress with a short leather jacket?

Comment s’habiller avec une veste en cuir courte?

The leather jacket is an essential item of clothing. For many, any self-respecting wardrobe should contain at least one. From the classic biker jacket to the shearling bomber, it's easy to turn heads with this type of coat. But that's if you put it together well. To help you create a killer look, here's how to dress with a cropped leather jacket.

The black leather jacket: versatile and perfect for any season

The black leather jacket is undoubtedly the most popular. Normal, because it perfectly compliments almost any outfit. Versatile and perfect for any season (or almost), this jacket pairs just as well with a sweater as it does with a hoodie when it's time to create a casual outfit. For a slightly more dressy rockstar style, consider combining this coat with a floral dress or simply jeans, with holes or not.

The brown leather jacket for a natural and effortless look

Brown leather jackets are ideal for creating natural looks that appear effortless. This type of jacket goes rather well with a white t-shirt or a gray sweater when the temperature is slightly cooler.

It is always a good idea to combine the brown color with other more contrasting shades such as blue, green and gray. For an elegant and pretty street outfit, dare to wear this coat with a gray t-shirt. Complete the ensemble with a black mini skirt and nude platform sandals. Success assured. This style is also perfect, both for romantic encounters and between friends.

The pink jacket: both girlie and edgy

A pink cropped leather jacket can look very girlie . But think again, because it can also create quite singular edgy looks. For example, a pink leather jacket looks great with pale blue skinny jeans, a blue or white blouse and metallic pumps. Pair the pink leather jacket with black tights, a black leather or blue denim miniskirt and a white sweater and voila!

Gray leather welcomes monochromatic outfits with open arms

Gray comes in several shades: charcoal gray, dark gray, light gray, pastel gray, etc. For a simple outfit, consider wearing the gray leather jacket with a sweater and jeans in the same shade. Don't be afraid to try the monochromatic look. For example, an all-black outfit paired with a gray jacket can create an impressive look. Simply complete it with more colorful shoes, either blue, red, green or even yellow.

The color gray is neutral on its own, which is why you can let your imagination run wild and experiment with both neutral and bright hues. For work, try the gray leather jacket with a white blouse and gray skinny jeans.

Find the perfect leather jacket for you

Year after year, leather jackets are among the essentials. Whether you opt for a black, brown, pink or gray cropped jacket, if you style it correctly, it's a safe bet that you'll easily turn heads in your path. So, it's up to you!

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