Top 5 trendy coats to wear this fall

Top 5 des manteaux tendance à porter cet automne

Ah… summer. This beautiful season that brings us the sun, the swimming pool, sandals and convertible rides. While there's nothing quite like lounging at the beach, fall isn't too bad either. In fact, it's even the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. If this is your case, and you are looking for a trendy coat for fall, we have found the best ones for you. Let's look at this together.

The leather coat: our first trendy item for this fall

Of course, leather coats are must-haves for fall. These coats come in a wide range of styles, and there's something for everyone. Whether you like it short, long, flashy or classic, you 'll find a leather jacket to suit you. Likewise, leather coats are sturdy and timeless. They are therefore a good investment. These are good reasons to fall under their spell this fall.

Down: ideal for braving the autumn cold

With the cold weather setting in with the onset of fall, many of us have comfort as our No. 1 criterion. And when it comes to feeling good, few coats compete with down jackets . Unlike other jackets, down jackets are light (very light), and while they don't look like it, they're also very warm. For shopping or walking the dog, quilted coats are ideal!

Wool: from our grandmother to today

When we think of wool, often the first image that comes to mind is our grandmother's famous blanket. So warm and comforting. Contemporary woolen coats are far from resembling those of yesteryear. Now they come in a host of modern cuts. Some of them are even adorned with a removable fur collar, a question of staying warm even at the gates of winter.

A timeless and 100% timeless classic

Impossible to talk about fall coats without talking about trench coats. Absolutely timeless and 100% timeless. Raincoats of this type are often unlined, so you can pair them with an alpaca sweater or another hoodie, for example. Of course, there is the famous traditional beige trench coat , but there are also other slightly more daring raincoats, such as those in polyurethane . If you like urban and waxed looks, you'll love these fall coats.

Sweden returns to wreak havoc

A velvety coat, is it possible? With suede jackets, it is. Suede is similar to leather. In fact, it's leather. Except that here, rather than using the outer side of the skin, we take the inner side which we sand to create this kind of velvety aspect so special to the touch.

Suede coats wreaked havoc in the 1960s and 1970s. And this year, they're (finally) back. To turn heads, pair it with jeans, a pair of boots that recall the color of the coat and a plain t-shirt. Nothing's easier.

Trendy coats: for a lovely fall

Even though the weather is usually gray in the fall, that's no reason to get gloomy. Simply take out your most beautiful assets and shine with a thousand lights. And if you doubt you can do it, trust the choice of coats we have just reviewed and go presto! fall is yours.

For more tips, visit our blog . And to find your next fall coat, visit Boutique Le Privé 's web store.

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