What type of coat to choose for this fall?

Quel type de manteau choisir pour cet automne?

In less than a month, it will definitely be time to put away your summer clothes to take out those for fall. Yes, already. If you're not mentally prepared to throw on your chunky knits just yet, here are some coats that are perfect for fall.

The raincoat: a classic fall coat

Who says autumn says rainy weather. And when it comes to rain, few coats are as stylish and practical as raincoats . Among all the raincoats available in stores, there is one that comes back year after year: the trenchcoat. This long double-breasted, belted waterproof coat comes to us from wartime, when it was used in the trenches.

Most designers these days agree that if you only have one mid-season coat to buy, get a trench coat. In changing temperatures, this raincoat will save you the day. Its versatility even makes it one of the most practical coats.

Denim jackets: neither too warm nor too cold for mid-season

Other than trench coats, denim jackets are also among the best fall options. Everyone from Marylin Monroe to Meghan Markle has worn this type of coat. The best thing about denim jackets is that they are extremely strong. They therefore represent a real investment. Denim jackets are also very easy to match, even in between seasons, and since they offer a balanced degree of insulation, they are neither too hot nor too cold to wear in the fall. And if you ever get it dirty, you'll have no problem cleaning it.

Lightweight down coats: perfect for any occasion

Lightweight down jackets are some of the best outerwear you can wear in the fall. When it's too cold to wear just a sweater, but too warm to throw on a big winter coat, lightweight down coats are perfect. And if you travel frequently, you'll be happy to bring them with you, because they fold and fold up to become very (very) compact. Whether they come with or without sleeves, these down jackets make great fall companions. Several cuts and models are offered as well as different types of lining. It's up to you to choose what you like the most.

Finding the Perfect Fall Coat

Although the season of bikinis and the little black dress is behind us, the fall that is setting in should not prevent you from shining.

Whether you are a fan of fashion or a follower of the classics, we are sure that you will find full satisfaction in the models of autumn coats that we have just skimmed over together.

And if you want to find yours without further delay, visit our online store or contact us. It will be our pleasure to guide you in choosing the best fall coat.

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