All the good reasons to choose a Mackage coat to face the next urban winter

Toutes les bonnes raisons de choisir un manteau Mackage pour affronter le prochain hiver urbain

Mackage is not a brand of coats and accessories like the others.

In just a few years, Mackage, this small Quebec company, has carved out a place for itself among the most prestigious brands in the world. Today, Mackage is considered the perfect balance between style and function.

Are you looking to get a new coat to face the next winter? Mackage is the obvious choice. Here's why.

Mackage: a choice of materials that rhymes with urban winter

Mackage has its own design philosophy. While other outerwear brands skimp on the quality of their product design, each of Mackage's coats features premium materials.

Mackage's signature leathers, traceable downs and luxurious wools are all chosen with care and attention to detail that can't be found elsewhere.

Impeccable design quality

With Mackage, it's not just the quality of the materials that counts. There is also the quality of design of each of the parts that counts. Thus, the pockets of the Mackage coats are fully insulated, so you will never have cold hands, even without gloves.

The visors and cuffs are windproof so you can easily brave harsh winter gusts, as are the seams, which are sealed. In addition, tightening cords are placed in strategic places to retain heat.

Everything for everyone

The company also offers a wide selection of models, which are intended for men, women and children alike. A wide range of accessories also completes the offer, including winter gloves , hats, scarves and bags.

Anyone wishing to purchase a Mackage coat to face winter in urban areas can choose between coats and jackets, either in wool, down or leather. The company even offers special collections each year.

An inviting shopping experience

In sum, Mackage products are beautiful, good and capable of making you spend the winter in complete comfort, wrapped up in prestigious clothing.

To satisfy its customers, Mackage offers several points of sale, including Boutique Le Privé. Through the company's online store , it is possible to purchase a Mackage coat simply and easily, as the site offers an incredible shopping experience. We invite you to drop by to browse the retailer's large selection of coats.

Mackage coats: to face urban winters without flinching

Mackage ensures that each of its coats provides maximum comfort, warmth and protection against the outdoor elements of our harsh urban winters. If you've been cooking up a jacket, coat or down jacket , Mackage definitely has something in stock for you.

If you have any questions about Mackage products or are unsure which coat to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us. It is with great pleasure that we will advise you in order to bring you full satisfaction.

Looking forward to welcoming you in store or on our online store. Happy shopping!

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