Sentaler winter coats to the rescue of Quebec winters and your wardrobe

Les manteaux d’hiver Sentaler à la rescousse des hivers québécois et de votre garde-robe

Do we wear a winter coat or is it rather the coat that wears us? For many fashionistas, it is the coat that carries us. Rather normal when choosing a piece as exclusive as a Sentaler coat.

Are you looking for a new outerwear to keep you warm this winter? If you're one of those who love handmade pieces, the Toronto brand Sentaler is for you. We explain why in the following lines.

The Origin of Sentaler Coats

Sentaler is a brand of prestigious coats that was born in 2009. It was following a very inspiring trip to Peru that Bojana Sentaler, the brand's founder, decided to embark on the world of fashion. His goal ? To offer a collection of coats in alpaca, this ethical, light and warm material for which she falls in love.

But Bojana wants to do things differently. And it is this desire that drives her to revolutionize the prestige coat sector.

Sentaler: instant star of the international scene

Following a deep creative reflection and multiple meetings with the greatest contemporary fashion designers, including the renowned Karl Lagerfled (formerly of the house of Fendi), Bojana finally launches its first collection. The whole world instantly falls in love with Sentaler coats.

From Kate Middleton to Jennifer Lopez, stars are quickly embracing the brand and helping propel it onto the international stage.

More than 10 years after its inaugural launch, Sentaler is still at the forefront of top winter coat brands.

Outerwear whose quality of manufacture is irreproachable

There are several reasons to get a Sentaler coat . And they are all good. Some add them to their wardrobe for their style, others favor buying this outerwear for its amazing build quality.

At Boutique Le Privé, we are very proud to offer this brand to our customers. We especially adore Sentaler's commitment to timeless design and premium craftsmanship of the pieces. With Sentaler, the attention to every minute detail is simply astounding.

Cuts create modern silhouettes that never go out of fashion. You don't buy a Sentaler coat. Rather, we invest in its purchase.

Sentaler's emphasis on refinement is easily recognizable. The quality of the alpaca fibers, the ribbed details of each piece contribute to the prestige and the feeling of well-being when putting on a Sentaler coat.

Sentaler coats are perfect for Quebec winters. Alpaca fiber being recognized as an excellent natural insulator, it is also incredibly light, and can be worn in the fall as well as in the winter.

Boutique Le Privé: proud retailer of Sentaler winter coats

If you're looking for a durable quality winter coat with a timeless look that you'll wear proudly year after year, turn to Sentaler. This exclusive brand will give you complete satisfaction. The only problem: you'll love your coat so much that you'll hesitate to take it off when summer comes. That's a happy problem, isn't it?

To learn more about Sentaler, do not hesitate to contact us. And to get your Sentaler coat without delay, visit our online store .

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