All about the different types of leather

Tout savoir sur les différents types de cuir

Leather tanning has been around for centuries. In fact, it is one of the oldest industries in human civilization. Everyone from the Egyptians to the Greeks to the Chinese and Mesopotamians have developed different tanning processes through the centuries and periods of industrialization. But today, what about the different types of leather, this noble material that we still proudly wear today? Let's explore the subject together.

Before talking about the types of leather

Genuine Leather, Authentic Leather, etc. All these names present on the labels of our coats or others do not inform us about the type of leather used in the manufacture of the garment or accessory. In fact, they simply provide information on the quality of the leather, not its type. So, how to find it?

The factors that determine the quality of a leather

Broadly speaking, the quality of the leather depends on certain pivotal factors, including the type of animal, its physical and climatic location and also according to the part of the skin from which the leather comes. The layer of hide used, the quality and skill of the tanning processing also testify to the quality of a leather.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty and see what the different types of leather are.

Full grain leather

First, there is full-grain leather. This leather comes from the upper layer of the skin and has the original grain of the material without any surface film having been removed by sanding, effleurage or splitting. This type of leather is the one that demonstrates the highest quality, and it is also the most expensive.

Top grain leather

Next, top grain leather. Top grain leather is the second highest grade of leather, after full grain. Usually, to obtain this leather, the top layer of the hide — the imperfect one — is sanded down to remove its inherent imperfections. This operation makes the leather smoother and more supple than full grain, and although it is strong, it can tend to stretch over time. Most high-end products, like handbags and jackets , are made from top grain leather.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather is the third type of leather. This material is generally sanded in order to eliminate natural imperfections. Following this operation, a new flower is reconstructed using various finishes to give it a more natural appearance. Shoes, furniture and some accessories are made with it.

Bonded leather

Finally, reconstituted leather. This one is made up of scraps of skin glued together, then assembled using polyurethane or latex. It is often spray painted in order to give it a look that resembles full grain or top grain leather. Bonded leather is the lowest and cheapest grade of material. Bindings, some furniture and accessories use it in their design.

Getting the best leather coat

So ! Now you know a little more about the different types of leather available on the market. When purchasing your next leather coat, you will therefore be able to make a more informed choice.

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